Amos Tibaldi, M.Sc.Ing obtained in the year 2001 and Ph.D. in information technology with specialization in computer vision, obtained in the year 2006; both obtained in the Parma University, Italy - WWW.UNIPR.IT At this URL you can find my scientifical results archive - in zip format - without any key and not encoded - under The Creative Common Licence, that I provide freely to the scientifical community (CC BY 3.0 IT) link to italian CC licence, version 3.0.

The Ph.D. proclamation ceremony, in the year 2006:

The M.Sc.Eng in informatic engineering, that I have obtained the day of the 19th of october, in the year 2001. You can see in the video below, also with the audio, the proclamation, by pressing the play button: